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Proven performance and reliability over thousands of case studies

Over 5,000 Measured Case Studies

Bluon has partnered with Cortland to retrofit over 30,000 residential mini-split systems.

Every Cortland unit is measured for efficiency and capacity using MeasureQuick and FieldPiece Gauges.

On average, retrofit units increased 4 SEER points (rising from 8 to 12) while gaining 25% capacity.

Cortland is nominated for the 2021 REME Award for its retrofit partnership with Bluon.

Unit Performance - Post Bluon Retrofit Program

Each blue line represents the SEER rating of specific retrofit units, and the orange dot represents the corresponding normalized capacity of that same unit. Data is from one Cortland community, and typical of all community results.

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Just a few retrofit outcomes in different types of HVAC equipment


SEER Increase
Jim Bergmann 3rd-Party Test Full Report


Energy Savings
80 Ton IntelliPak™ (WC) Full Report


Energy Savings
115 Ton Intellipak™ RTU Full Report


Energy Savings
15 Ton Split Unit Full Report


Energy Savings
7.5 Ton Package Unit Full Report


Energy Savings
Two 115 Ton Intellipak™ RTUs Full Report


Energy Savings
Ten 40 Ton Package Units Full Report


Energy Savings
Two 7.5 Ton Package Units Full Report