Bluon for Business

A Time Machine for HVAC Contractors

Never waste time hunting for a manual or error code again!

Never get stuck on hold for tech support again!

Stop depending on distributors to find that replacement part

HVAC vans

What’s included

Bluon Included Services

Unlimited use of

Bluon Mobile App

Time-saving tools for your techs

Bluon Included Services

Unlimited use of

Bluon's A.I.

Answers any HVAC question you have.

Bluon Included Services

Live video tech support

in minutes

No long wait time, just support.

Bluon Included Services

Unlimited use

of BluonSearch

Largest parts compatibility database in HVAC

“Diagnose the Unit”

No more wasting time finding manuals, error codes, troubleshooting guides, wiring diagrams, etc.

Without Bluon

Find the paper manual, Google it or call a friend.

With Bluon

Pull up any Model# on Bluon's App -its all there in 2 or 3 clicks!

1-3 hours gained

Per week per tech!

“Never struggle to get help again”

Can't diagnose what's wrong? Can't get the unit running?

Without Bluon

Call OEM tech support, your service manager or a Sr. tech

With Bluon

Bluon's Live Tech Support is always minutes away!

2-4 hours gained

Per week per tech!

“Need to replace a part”

Stop depending on your distributor to figure out what you need or where to buy it.

Without Bluon

Call your distributor, give them a model#, wait and hope for the best

With Bluon

Find OEM parts AND compatible parts in seconds on Bluon Search

1-3 hours gained

Per week per tech!

Bluon creates more time, so you can do more work.

Get set up in 5 min. or less.

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