Bluon TdX 20

TdX 20 (R-458A) is the groundbreaking R-22 replacement with REAL support


The R-22 replacement built for the real world

Massive energy savings

15% more energy efficient than R-22 on average (up to 25% in some cases).

No oil change

Say goodbye to oil changes. TdX 20 works with POE and MO.

Equal capacity

Ensure proper cooling with virtually identical capacity to R-22 (+/- 3%).

Lower pressures

Lower operating pressures and temperatures.

Ashrae & EPA approved

Fully approved with a rock solid track record in tough conditions.

Fantastic support

Backed by the Bluon app and 24/7 expert technician support.


How It Works

We set out to create a new kind of refrigerant based on cutting-edge physics. After six years of research and countless real-world tests we nailed it.

  • 1 Five constituents phase change in a carefully orchestrated sequence.
  • 2 Heat is absorbed across more of the coil surface area, improving overall heat transfer.
  • 3 Compressor workload is reduced, resulting in less amp draw and lower compressor head temperature.
  • 4 Compressor stability is improved, resulting in less noise and vibration and more stable amp draw.

The Oil Breakthrough

TdX 20 has an unique additive that allows it to completely mix with MO or POE oil. That means no oil change and unmatched oil carry through the system.

  Mineral oil mixing with TdX 20

Product Comparison

TdX 20






Active Sales Drivers
Live Tech Support
Installation App
Energy Efficient (vs R-22)
Equal Capacity (to R-22)
FAR Compliant (Federal Bldgs)
GWP (AR5 Standard) 1564 1624 2059 2290 2024
Oil Compatibility MO + POE POE
(Oil change for MO)
(Oil change for larger units)
(Oil change for larger units)
(Oil change for larger units)

TdX 20 Applications

Small Package Units
Large Package Units
Heat Pumps
Split Systems (short & long linesets)
Large RTUs | VAV Packages boxcars with scrolls or semihermetics
(with Bluon retrofit protocols)
IntelliPak® | Voyager® 3D Scroll compressors
(with Bluon retrofit protocols)
Screw DX Chillers RTAAs, York®, etc.
(with Bluon retrofit protocols)
Reciprocating Chillers (with Bluon retrofit protocols)

IntelliPak™ is a trademark of Trane® which has not reviewed or endorsed this message

Over 5,000 Measured Case Studies

R-458A has a proven track record of performance and reliability

Bluon has partnered with Cortland to retrofit over 30,000 residential mini-split systems.

Every Cortland unit is measured for efficiency and capacity using MeasureQuick and FieldPiece Gauges.

On average, retrofit units increased 4 SEER points (rising from 8 to 12) while gaining 25% capacity.

Cortland is nominated for the 2021 REME Award for its retrofit partnership with Bluon.

“Anyone can sell you a tank of gas. Bluon is selling success.”

-Jim Bergmann

“Bluon is only R-22 replacement we will use!”

-Guy Hardesty
Account Manger, HAVTECH

“Great refrigerant, awesome app, and 24/7 tech support make Bluon the complete R-22 replacement solution.”

-Gary McCreadie
HVAC Know It All

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TdX 20 perform from a capacity standpoint? +

TdX 20 delivers virtually identical capacity to R-22 as demonstrated in extensive field testing and third-party independent testing. Other R-22 replacement refrigerants make claims of comparable or “similar” capacity; however extensive tests and HVAC market feedback indicate they simply don’t perform at R-22 levels not to mention they consume more electricity than R-22. TdX 20 is the first alternative that truly creates R-22 comparable capacity while reducing your electricity consumption.

How is Bluon TdX 20 different from other R-22 Replacements? +

Bluon TdX 20 is the only R-22 replacement that is a complete solution for technicians and end-user alike. Bluon is more energy efficient than R-22 with virtually identical capacity; Bluon TdX 20 is fully compatible with MO and never requires an oil change, Bluon has a lower GWP than any other replacement and perhaps most importantly offers the first and only industry-first comprehensive technical support.

Do I have to change the oil? +

Nope! You don't need to change the oil. TdX 20 was designed to work with MO & POE.

Will I need to make any equipment changes with TdX 20? +

While there is no real “drop-in” R-22 replacement (despite some marketing claims), TdX 20 is the best replacement for R-22 in the vast majority of standard HVAC equipment (direct expansion package and split systems). Bluon does recommend minor component change-outs for certain types of systems (such as large commercial systems with certain compressors) which may include changing TXVs to Electronic Expansion Valves, changing non-adjustable pressure controlled devices, etc. This information is readily available in our mobile app and through our Live Technician Support.