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Upgrading the HVAC Industry

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“Bluon is the best app that you can possibly get. ”

Chris Rice


Fixed. App is broken

Edit: it works now After the last update the forum won’t load



Can’t search any parts without the YouTube advertising video popping up and the video doesn’t close, so unable to use the app. EDIT: Developers fixed the issue within a day. Thank you!


Best service out there!

I’m a residential HVAC tech. Been doing this for about 10 years. HVAC is MY LIFE! These Poor homeowners had a contractor install 4 systems in their brand new home. It has been a nightmare from the get. We’ve been getting everything back in track as their original contractor abandoned them. Today we were dealing with this low voltage issue and could not figure out what was going on. We called and they answered under 2 minutes!!! Walked us through it with a great attitude and a sense of humor I appreciate. After the bad news finding out we had to run new wire we were followed by another call by Aaron. They offered to deliver us food! I was shook! Definitely wowed us. Food got delivered, I’m eating it now with the other tech after 12 hours of work. I will never forget this gesture. Thanks again Dan and Aaron, and thank you BLUON!


Nothing Comes Close to Bluon!

First off Bluon is simply awesome! Best database in the industry with the best team in the industry. Second, all other apps are specific to a brand or a distributor, where Bluon covers EVERYTHING! What more could you ask for?


Awesome Tech Support!

They always answer the phone quickly and give incredible help. Everyone I’ve talked has be very pleasant and walks me through things I might not understand! Thanks! ED IS THE MAN!!! Helped me a ton with some airflow problems I was having on a system. WHOLE TEAM AT BLUON ROCKS OUT HARD!


N Anna

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Can’t say enough good about the courteous phone experience. In this business to many times you either can’t get anyone on the phone or if you do it’s with a (why are you bothering me) attitude. Kudos to the Bluon team .!


Great app and idea wish they included boilers too…

Great idea and a great resource for the field (5 year HVAC tech) only gripe is it doesn’t have boiler info/manuals too. I understand world wasn’t built in a day but just my thoughts. Also if in the future this app should have a iPad version that would be nice too. Reading a manual is a lot easier on a iPad than my phone.





Paul A. Service Technician

Been in the field for 15 years. These guys are awesome. Way better service than every manufacturer offers. Great when you’re in a jam, the people on the other end actually sound like they enjoy their job. Better than dealing with “grumpy” people who sound like they’re ready to jump off a cliff! Highly recommend using this app. 5 ⭐️!


Over the Hill Student

This is a great app. for looking up oart numbers, capacities, original SEER ratings, dimensions of the units and many other things, and it is all in one place! Nice job of putting this together Bluon people!!! Could have used information like this in the many fields that I have worked in my 6+ decades on this planet. Logically organized and easily searchable. Definitely a 5-Star app. Well Done Bluon. Keep up the great work!


Tech Support

With 20 plus years in the field, it was nice speaking to another tech. With our field constantly changing, it is impossible to know it all. Two thumbs up to Bluon on what they are doing. The app is full of good information and their tech support is a big plus.


Customer service

Very polite and knowledgeable customer representative. Very impressed to have such response.

Reek 2516

My guys at Bluon!!!

If you are new to HVAC, or a season tech this is the app for you. These guys at Bluon are prompt and and knowledgeable. They will help you through. I love these guys at Bluon.


Great Tool for New Techs!

I recently got my hvac certification and this app can help majorly finding manuals and everything. Has a lot to support to it incase your stuck! It’s great for new techs that need just alittle extra help with the support line! Can order parts and more! Best app every! Great experience and more! Love it!


Excellent app to look up lots of information

Really nice app to look up lots of information for HVAC equipment


Devin Z

45 years old and have been in the HVAC business for about 20 years or so now. Worked full time for larger and smaller companies. EPA certified and licensed for residential and commercial. Found myself falling into another career but still in the business and find myself scratching my head here and there on service calls as I’m sure we all do. Found this app today doing research on carrier infinity 2 and also 5 stage heat pumps as I am stumped on one of them!!!!!! Upon downloading the app I had to call to get verification to use it. With that being said I spoke to an awesome guy named Devin Z. Had an awesome experience talking with him about field issues that we all have. With that being said just wanted to give Devin a shout out for being an awesome person and I’m sure HVAC tech!!!!!!! I seriously couldn’t thank him enough for walking me through on how the app works!!!!!!!! Kinda funny that I can usually figure out most service calls but can’t work an app on a smart phone!!!!!! LOL. Thanks again Devin Z keep up the great work and looking forward to using this app/tool very soon! 🤙



Amazing platform and very informative


Great App

This is the best app for me


Tech support is awesome

The manuals are great on this app. The tech support is an actual live person that doesn’t put you on hold. Wait times were really fast. The support was knowledgeable and had access to manuals as well. This was so helpful when I was in a bind on a mini split. Very highly recommended!


Thank you

That’s it

Matt -CBRE

Trane compressor

Just getting started with it, looking to convert a Trane Hellrotor compressor- model #CHHB070PNGONOS8A



Im brand new to the app but just the fact that exist and has everything you will need to get through troubleshooting issues is amazing., I have no idea why its free, I guess there is some good in the world 🥲., Thank You all very much this is going to help me advance in my career field ✊🏿💙.,



Im just starting in the trade and i have to say this, this is the best app ever for HVAC-R techs, the people at tech support are very nice and i been learning a lot from them. Thanks to all the people who create and maintain this app because all this knowledge doesn’t have price thanks again

Bud Roe

Love Bluon

It’s awesome that almost any model/make Bluon has the manuals. So when in doubt Bluon it out.


Best app

Great info ! Thanks

frank m9886

Great app and support

I was a little skeptical at first. But these guys know their stuff. Pat was great took time to explain his reasoning and allowed for feed back.


Evan is awesome

This is one of the the most help app ever for hvac needs. Evan was super helpful and such a awesome guy to speak with. I would recommend this app to anyone in the hvac field.



Great app

Alberto Betancourt Andrade

Operating Engineer

Love it



Bluon is my go to app for almost everything while I’m out in the field. Been a huge life savor. Thanks Bluon.

rob spagnolia


Best app ever made so helpful thank you


Must have for HVAC Techs

Best app I’ve ever downloaded. Great learning tool to hear from people that can explain things you don’t understand. I’ve been helped out on many issues thanks to the bluon team!


Great app

Most of the time you can find the manual your looking for but sometimes you can't. It's like the database needs to be updated.


Real helpful I can’t believe it

Real helpful I can’t believe it


Amazing app

This site is truly an amazing site. It has gotten me out of some crazy citations when troubleshooting great job guys


Amazing App

I’m starting HVAC/R school now and came across this app. It’s an amazing app with lots of information videos , latest equipment, and HVAC support for a students as well as experience techs. It’s just an awesome app. Excited to have found this app. Roger C.

dew Monster

The best app ever made!

One of the best apps I have ever downloaded.



Great App

all providing

Must have

If you use refrigerant this is a must have. -easy/in depth information -probably the best tech support -the company genuinely cares about the techs that use this app.


Best app ever

I’m a student and this assisted me so much, I really recommend it


technicians professional opinion/ observation

Everything you would expect from a 5 star rated tech support app. Live tech support 24/7 within minutes. No monthly subscription it’s all free!


Great app

I love this app it’s very helpful 💯


Just great

An amazing app


Problemas con el idioma

No se puede poner en español como dice

Reddit Tard 69

Interesting so far

I look forward to working with this app!


Maintenance tech 2

Great app you guys are the best


If you work in HVACR you need this app!

This app is extremely helpful and must have if you work in the HVACR industry. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. 24/7 tech support


Great App Great Service

A must have for any field person


Love it

Great app, great resources, very accessible.

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